30 July 2014

Summer blues

Blue is my all time favourite colour and I love blue hydrangeas!  Paired with blue and white transfer ware, they make the perfect Summer display.

In the past, my cut hydrangeas always wilted which made me hesitant to cut them to bring inside.  I'd pinned a tip about preventing cut hydrangeas from wilting by dipping the stems in boiling water for 30 seconds before arranging them so I decided to try it.  Guess what?  It worked!  My hydrangeas stayed fresh and wilt free for over a week.

We've been dealing with leaks this week.  I discovered a leak in the basement from a broken pipe that needed to be repaired immediately.  Thankfully, I have a very talented brother who fixed it and saved us a fortune by not having to hire a plumber!  While he was here, he replaced my kitchen faucet.  I've learned that plumbing repairs never go as planned.  We're dealing with builder's grade materials that are aging and wearing out so we also ended up replacing both drains in the sink because one was rusted through and broke as soon as it was touched.  A few trips to Home Depot and about two days of work had everything running smoothly again and I have a lovely new kitchen faucet.  In the middle of this, our fridge was leaking from a clogged drain that is also now thankfully fixed.  And a shower faucet that hasn't worked in almost two years has finally been replaced.  Our home is nice and dry again and everything is working as it should.  A good feeling!


  1. Beautiful photos as usual. And as far as your plumbing goes, home ownership can be challenging at times, can't it? I'm glad your brother was able to help you out!

  2. Oh no (the leaks!!!). We dealt with leaks over the winter. Ugh!

    These photographs are just beautiful, Lynda, and thank you for the boiling water tip. Our hydrangeas are in bloom now, and you can bet I am going to try this. I never used them as cut flowers simply because they always wilted.

    You have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend! xo.

  3. Oh dear! We had an air conditioner leak over the weekend, too. Thankfully, the answer proved to be a simple filter cleaning.

    I have never had a hydrangea bush, but if in future I should acquire one, I will keep in mind your tip for making the blooms last. Yours are such a gorgeous color!

  4. Your hydrangea are beautiful and so are your pictures. I have a big pink one in my yard that for some reason has been really happy this year and has more blooms than ever before!

    As for the DIY projects, has anyone ever done a project that didn't require multiple trips to Home Depot or Lowe's? You always have to go back for something.

  5. I am going to try that trick! And wow...these are gorgeous shots! You are so lucky to have a plumber in the family...hope all gets fixed!

  6. Well, that is a relief. I'm sorry to hear about that mishap, though. Glad you've gotten to the bottom of it as fast as you can and with as minimal resource you can obtain. Damages in those pipelines tend to impact each component and run across a system. Well at least, should those damages creep into your house again and need fixing, you've got a lot of means available to solve them. Kudos!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

  7. Oh that's a good tip to know! So sorry about all the repairs. Glad that your brother was able to help you keep costs down. How crazy to have so many things needing a plumbing fix all at once. That's enough of that!

  8. What lovely, lovely blue hydrangeas. And thanks for that tip, I bought hydrangeas and they wilted almost immediately, now I know how to prevent that. Glad you were able to fix those leaks and enjoy a new faucet! Hope you are well. Thinking of you!


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