29 May 2014

Grape hyacinths

I'm just popping in to share my grape hyacinths!  They've pretty much faded from the garden and the lilacs and lily of the valley are now blooming (I'll be sharing those with you soon).  Things are about 3-4 weeks late this year.

Grape hyacinths have always been one of my favourite early Spring flowers.  They make great cut flowers and have a soft, subtle fragrance.  I tucked these into a tea tin.  It seemed like the perfect container.

From the few bulbs I scattered throughout the garden about ten years ago, they've spread and filled in nicely.  I love seeing a sea of lavender blue flowers when I look outside.

I'm making really good progress with the garden and am very happy with how it's looking.  This afternoon I'll finish planting the pots (at least that's the plan).  Digging is still really uncomfortable for me so I get my husband to dig the holes and I plant!  Works out perfectly.


  1. Oh you have a wonderful drift of them. I have only a half dozen or so and they have gone by. Sounds as if we are very close to the same climate as our lilacs and lily of the valley are also in season.

  2. You are in just about the exact same place as we are plant-wise, Lynda.
    The grape hyacinths look so pretty in the tea tin. It shows them off so beautifully.

    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful spring, my friend. xo.

  3. Pretty flowers and I like your sea of lavender hyacinths.

  4. These are so beautiful Lynda. I always see these in the spring and didn't know what they were called. I hope all is well in your world! xoxo


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