3 March 2014

Spring pastels

Happy March!  I was hoping that once March was here, the snow would miraculously disappear and Spring would finally arrive.  (A girl can dream!)  Instead, we got - you guessed it - more snow!  Along with frigid temperatures, it looks and feels nothing like Spring.

Not to be deterred from bringing touches of Spring into my home, I've been indulging in florals - both real and faux - in soft pastel colours.

Pretty pink hyacinths from a pot of Spring bulbs I purchased.  It was jam packed with daffodils, tulips, crocus and a hyacinth.  The hyacinth blooms were too heavy for the stem so I cut it and placed it in a vase of its own - but not before photographing it!  The scent was wonderful!

These beautiful blue silk hydrangeas have been a staple in my decor every Spring.  Although I prefer the real thing, these will do until the real ones come along.

I've been seeing rocking horses set inside empty fireplaces all over the web so I thought I'd put my little dog there.  I learned to walk with this.  Apparently, I fell head over heels with it and walked it right out of the store!  My horrified parents realized that I wasn't going to part with it and decided to purchase it for me.

I recently made a couple of green moss balls when I couldn't find the size I wanted.  They're so easy to make and the touch of green adds much needed colour.

More sunshine yellow!  These daffs were in the same pot as the hyacinth.  They've finished blooming now and are put away in the basement to dry out so I can eventually plant them in the garden.

It might still be Winter outside, but inside I'm surrounded by Spring!  Any signs of Spring where you live?  I'm counting the days! 



  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this, Lynda!
    It is sooooo cold here today, but I know spring must come sometime (soon, I hope).
    Your photographs are just gorgeous, and these flowers give me hope that I will begin to see them here soon too.

    Happy day to you, my friend. xo.

  2. We're having record cold temps here! I'm so anxious for warmer weather, so I can take walks outside with my little ones. I bought some pink hyacinths for my Grandma and they smelled so heavenly. Surely spring won't be long...
    Also, I LOVE your little dog!

  3. Oh, I loved this, Lynda! Your photographs were just the touch of spring I am needing. I do have a glass jar with tulip bulbs that have bloomed on our dining table, and today I switched out a couple of pillow covers on our sofa to bring in more spring color. The deep snow may be pretty outside, but I will not be sad when it melts. I love the little dog and the story!

  4. The important thing is, Lynda, that everything looks like spring. I've really enjoyed looking at your photography and trying to imagine how it is that you get this wonderful unique to you look. It's so calming and pretty. What a great story about your little canine companion. Can you imagine allowing children to learn to walk with such a darling walker now? Ha! Then I'm sure that today's "walkers" won't be adorning homes in the future either.

  5. Oh, I could just sit here and linger, staring at and soaking in your beautiful photos. Yes, I'd love tips on how you shoot them, your equipment and your editing!

  6. It's a perfect spring day here today. I am so ready for winter to disappear now.

  7. hello Lynda ~ such lovely Spring images ♥ just home from running errands and could not believe how cold it was! picked up some tulips at the grocery store (afraid they would freeze in the car on the way home) :-D
    I LOVE your vintage fox terrier - I also learned to walk on mine but sadly had to leave it behind in England when we moved to Canada... what I wouldn't do to have it back.
    hope you are having a lovely Tuesday.

  8. All so very lovely. You have certainly had some beautiful spring touches to your lovely home!!


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