31 March 2014

Ranunculus and tea cups

Do you think Winter is finally winding down?  It's a beautiful Spring day here today.  I've got the windows open just a little to enjoy the fresh (although still cool) air.  The mounds of snow are getting smaller every day and yesterday, for the first time in ages, I was able to get out for a walk in the garden.  I even noticed a few green shoots coming up!  Unfortunately, the rabbits have already gotten to most of them (darn rabbits!).

I've always thought that ranunculus were beautiful.  I've never seen them as cut flowers where I live but they are sold in pots in the Spring.  I nabbed this one last week.  It had one little flower but it also had a couple of buds so I bought it, hoping that it will keep blooming for a couple of weeks.

The buds are getting larger and I think will probably open up later this week.  I've enjoyed a steady stream of potted plants this year without spending a lot of money.  A local garden centre gave away small pots of primulas as a promotion every weekend in March and this pot of ranunculus was only $3.99.  Pots of flowers last so much longer than cut flowers which means I get to enjoy them longer. 

This tea cup belonged to my Mom.  We've started going through her things.  I know some of you have had to deal with this so you know how difficult and emotional it is.  I'm trying to keep only the things that I will use or want to display.  Of course, there will be a few sentimental things that will be tucked away but I don't want to stash everything in boxes and shove them in the basement, never to look at them again.  Mom wouldn't want that.  She enjoyed her things and I believe that they should continue to be enjoyed.

I kept her tea cups.  I plan to display them and change them seasonally - and enjoy a cup of tea in them every so often!  They always sat on a special shelf, some of them given to her when she was married 60 years ago.  As I washed them up, I thought how often we stop noticing the beauty of the things in our homes.  I made a decision to try to enjoy my pretty things and actually use them for more than just photo props.  Do you use a pretty cup when you have a cup of tea?  Or, like me, do you grab the closest mug?

My grandmother always thought tea tasted better in a pretty tea cup.  I think she was right.



  1. I think she was right too, but I admit, I grab the first available mug. It is such a coincidence, because I just found one of my mom's tea sets. When I found it, I suddenly remembered that yes, there was a time when you could buy just tea sets (as opposed to the teacups that come with a set of dinnerware). Kind of like handwritten letters...very rare now. The set I found has pink roses on it too! :-)

    You have a wonderful evening, sweet friend. xo.

    P.S. I absolutely LOVE ranunculus!

  2. I love ranunculus! I haven't seen them in pots before. What pretty leaves. (Also, my husband just bought me a copy of "At Home with Roses" as a Valentine's Day gift. So charming.)
    I also think tea tastes better when sipped from a pretty teacup. I also have fallen into the habit of not using or appreciating my pretty things. I always grab a mug - partly because it holds more tea, I can take it around the house with me, & microwave if needed!

  3. Yes, she was right. It is a beautiful cup and a wonderful plant. Anything that brings some color and cheer into the house and smells like life is a good thing. Winter weary we may be, but spring is well on her way.

  4. Beautiful! I love ranunculus and your mother's tea cup is lovely as well. I have some of my mother-in-law's tea cups and did a post about them some time ago. It was so fun to really notice their beauty as I photographed them one by one.

  5. Your grandmother was right! Tea does always taste better in a pretty tea cup.
    I was so surprised to see the ranunculus. I know I have seen this flower before, but I can't remember when or where? I don't think I've seen them sold in our grocery store, either cut or potted. I am going to be looking the next time I shop, because I do think they are quite beautiful, and this time of year, anything and everything green is quite welcome!

  6. What a pretty post and a thoughtful reminder to use to use our pretty teacups, Lynda. I have several teacups that belonged to my grandmother that have been stored in a box since we moved. and that was over 2 years ago. It is time for me to get them out, display them in our hutch and use them. I am sure my granddaughter would love to have tea in them. And yes, I think a few potted flowers for spring would be lovely!


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