18 December 2013

Creating a "chalkboard" print and a free printable

Hi everyone!  I though I'd share how I made my chalkboard print.  It's so easy and you can make them for the different seasons.  I don't have a video or step-by-step photos so I hope it makes sense.

I created my print in Photoshop CS5 but you should be able to use any programme that uses layers.  I kept the size to 8x10 so I could easily print it at home.  If you want a larger print, you could have it printed at a photo lab.

To make the "chalkboard" I used solid black background with a texture layered over it.  I used Florabella's "Whitewash" on lighten at 20%.  You can also do a search for free chalkboard backgrounds. 

Choose your quotation then start to add the letters.  For this print, I used three different fonts - actually four if you include the snowflake.  There are a wealth of free fonts out there.  Check out The Graphics Fairy for some of her recommendations.  I used two or three fonts that I found there - I think using a couple of different fonts makes it look more interesting. I used white for my lettering but you can also add colour if you like.

Merge the layers and print!  I recommend printing on the highest resolution possible.  I printed mine on white card stock and framed it without glass.  Just add a layer of chipboard or cardboard so your print won't shift in the frame.  Have fun!  These add a nice accent and are super easy (and cheap!) to create.

I've included the one I made for you to download and frame (personal use only please).  Just print it on 8 1/2 x 11 card stock then trim to fit an 8x10 frame.

{To download, click the image to enlarge then right click to save to your computer}

I don't think there's any question whether we'll have a white Christmas this year!  We've had a lot snow with more to come this weekend.  It looked so pretty as it fell last weekend.  The prettiness wears off very quickly and in a few weeks, I'm sure I'll be wishing for it all to be gone!

One more thing - the latest issue of Homebound is now available!  I'm thrilled to once again be a contributor to Heather's wonderful magazine.  Lots of gorgeous photos in this issue along with recipes, decor and more.  Be sure to take a peek!



  1. You manage to make the snow look pretty and inviting. It was "nice" but driving in it this weekend (went top southeastern PA) was NOT a joy at all...nerve wracking and it soon became dirty & slick...I'm thinking more and more I could live in a warm climate all year long!

    Thanks for this printable (it's gorgeous) and for the tutorial on how to make them! Stay cozy in all this wintery weather!

    1. Snow looks nice but driving in it is a different story! I can imagine your drive was rough but glad you got home safe and sound. :)

  2. That's very nice. Thank you for the directions as well AND the printable. Sweet gift...

  3. Thank you so very much for the information here, Lynda!
    I really love the look.
    We have about 17 inches of snow on the ground, but i hear that this weekend will be just about 50 degrees. Things are going to get messy, :-)



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