28 December 2013

A Garden Ice Palace

Winter arrived last weekend with a vengeance!  25mm (approximately 1") of freezing rain fell between Saturday and Sunday.  The garden looked like an ice palace!  Everything was covered with a thick sheet of crystal.

Icicles hung everywhere.  Every surface was covered with a layer of ice making going anywhere impossible.

Freezing rain against the window.

And then the destruction began.  Trees and power lines overwhelmed from the weight of the ice started to break.

Hundreds of thousands of people lost power, many of them still without it a week later.  We were very fortunate.  Living in a relatively new development, our trees are young and power lines are buried underground.  We lost a large section of our redbud and I'm not sure if the tree can be saved.  We'll wait and see what happens in the Spring.

This tree on the boulevard lost a large branch then later that day broke completely in half.  So many trees were shattered and will sadly need to be taken down.  It's heartbreaking to see the damage the storm caused.

This morning the ice has finally melted but it will take months to clean up the destruction.  It makes me wonder how something so beautiful could be so destructive. 


  1. I posted a comment but it got lost in cyberspace I think! That was some storm and one we'll talk about for years to come. It all looks so pretty and it is deceiving in how destructive it has been. We finally got power back late Christmas night and came back from our refuge in a hotel on the 26th. Some of my neighbours just got power late this afternoon -- 5 days for us, nearly 8 for them. Incredible. Our area is older and still has overhead wires ... and plenty of mature trees...many of them lost. Clean up is going to be messy! Glad that you are safe & warm!

  2. Yes, it is beautiful until it becomes destructive. So glad to hear that your power remained on, so many lost theirs. Happy New Year, Lynda, all good things to you in 2014!!

  3. So sorry for all the ice damage. It is heartbreaking. It changes things forever. There are several thousand without power here all this time later. It certainly changed their Christmas. Somehow I hope it made Christmas deeper and richer.

  4. I am sorry about all the damage, Lynda, but I sure am glad you are okay.
    These photographs are really beautiful.
    I wish you a most wonderful New Year! xo.

  5. I heard about this ice storm on the news! I have never experienced anything like this! Despite how dangerous and destructive they are, I am always blown away by the beauty that is left behind. All that ice is so incredibly beautiful! I'm glad that you are ok, and that you are warm and safe. xoxoxo


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