17 September 2013

Drying hydrangeas

I haven't had much luck with drying hydrangeas.  From what I've read, I usually pick them too soon and they wilt within a couple of days.  This year I waited until their colour faded and then picked them.  I placed each stem in a separate jar with water so they wouldn't lose their shape as they dried.  They're not wilting and one or two are beginning to dry.  I've got a basket ready to hold the dried blooms.  Keeping my fingers crossed!  xo


  1. Gorgeous! I have to say Lynda, some hydrangeas naturally dry better than others so don't feel to badly. And on that note, I need to pick some of my own!

  2. Yup, someone told me that waiting is key, and they were right.
    These are gorgeous, Lynda, and I love the little bottles you used to put them in.
    It just adds to the already wonderful charm.
    I hope you are having a good week, my friend. xo.

  3. Well, if they don't dry...at least you have these beautiful photographs! But I'm thinking this time you've nailed it! (and blogger usually doesn't let me sign in with my squarespace account, so I'll just have to post with whatever works!).

  4. They're so delicate and lovely...hope it works! Otherwise, these photos will serve you well.

  5. Such a lovely flower. Is it to late to get seeds to you? I have been so deep in family that I havent had any time to enjoy extra time for my good friends. I want to send those Clementine Columbine seeds and Princess Mallow. Wonder if you miss fall planting if they would be okay for spring planting?


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