21 April 2012

Blue Hydrangeas

Hi everyone!  It's been awhile but I think things are starting to settle down a bit.  Bobby had his surgery on April 4th.  Everything went well, and while the surgeon removed "suspicious" lymph nodes, there was no obvious spread.  He developed an infection about a week later which meant a trip to emerg and a minor procedure the next day.  He was able to come home with daily home care visits, which will probably continue for another 2-3 weeks.  As I'm writing this, we still don't have the pathology report on the lymph nodes but we should have it any day now.  We finally got the report back!  Only 3 of 35 lymph nodes were affected!  He'll still need chemo but this is such good news!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, comments and emails ... you have no idea how much they mean to us.  Bobby has done amazingly well!  We're actually beginning to feel like we're getting back on solid ground again.

We celebrated our Easter a week early because Bobby would be in the hospital on Easter Sunday.  My parents bought me a gorgeous blue hydrangea, which I've been photographing.  Yes, I've finally picked up my camera again!  It's been a long time and it feels so good to be back taking photos.

 I can't wait for my hydrangeas to start blooming in my garden!  We've had such a strange spring ... unseasonably warm one day then freezing cold the next.  My crocus, which usually bloom prolifically, only had one or two flowers and I think only one daffodil and one tulip actually bloomed.  Lots of leaves, just no flowers.  Oh well, it won't be long until I have lilacs!

The idea for the flower petal heart was completely inspired by my friend, Georgianna ... but I couldn't resist!  :)

Before I sign off, Vicky from Simply Hue is once again running her e-course, Raining Umbrellas.  In Vicky's words, Raining Umbrellas is "a 4 week long creativity e-course to inspire you and motivate you in your creative journey".  The course begins on May 7th and registration is now open.  Click here for more details.

Well, that's about it for now ... I hope you have a lovely weekend!  See you soon.  xo


  1. I'm so glad to hear that Bobby is doing well post surgery, despite that little set back with the infection. 3 of 35 lymph nodes? Oh that IS good news...and yes it means chemo (I had 1 of 27), but chemo is doable these days. A positive spirit and an attitude of "I can do this no matter what" truly helps. Sending positive thoughts and prayers that the journey continues on the right path!

  2. Great news about Bobby! Hope the chemo goes well...sending you all lots of love and light! Your flower photos are just stunning...nice to see your post today. xo

  3. Such good news! I know that the world is looking ever so much brighter these days. Will keep you both tucked in my prayers. You've not lost your touch, Lynda, for time away from the camera. These photos are dreamy.

  4. Hi Lynda,
    Wonderful news about Bobby!! Things sound like they are going well for both of you.
    Your blue hydrangeas are beautiful!! I feel like running out tomorrow to buy some.
    Thanks for the info about the creativity e-course......sounds like something I could really use right now.
    Your family will continue to be in my prayers.

  5. What a good news, Lynda! A sigh for the lovely hydrangeas and your photography. Keeping you and Bobby in my thoughts.

  6. Hi Lynda,
    I was thinking of you often and wanted to write but also wanted to let you have your personal space. I know how busy things get with so much going on. And I didnt want you to have to worry about answering any messages when you had so much going on. I'm so happy that Bobby is doing well. It is a blessing that so few nodes were in trouble. That's a good thing for sure. It is so nice to see your beautiful pictures once again..love the heart...
    Tell Bobby to keep up the good work! Hope your mom is still doing well, and a Happy belated Easter..

  7. So happy to see you back and over-joyed that "things" are going well for your husband. Hope all goes well for you and yours going forward.

  8. This is fantastic news Lynda.
    Sending you prayer and wishes for continued good things.

  9. This is excellent news, Lynda! I hope the good news just keeps on coming! I've had you and your husband on my mind for a while now, just hoping everything was going well. I can only imagine how scary the diagnosis was. It sounds like your husband in good hands though.

    The flowers are such a beautiful shade of blue. Good for you in picking up your camera and getting back to what you love. Sometimes life can really knock the wind right out of our sails. That G, she is quite an inspiration, isn't she!

    I hope Spring is making an appearance at your house : )


  10. Hello Lynda, I am glad you've received good news about your husband's lymph node test. A blessing, I pray all will continue to be well for you two.

  11. Hi Lynda
    I've been doing some "catching up" on your blog. So happy to hear that your husband has received good news. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    The Hydrangea photos are gorgeous as are the barns in your previous post. I "brake for barns" too :-)

  12. Hi, Lynda - your post didn't show up in my blog reader, so I didn't see this until now. I've been thinking about you and your husband - I'm so glad that things are better than anticipated. I hope the chemo goes well for him. I will continue to keep the two of you in my thoughts and prayers.


  13. Oh, and forgot to add! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  14. aahhh... the flower heart is gorgeous!

  15. Hello Lynda: I know only too well that when an individual gets cancer the whole family does.What a sigh of relief for you both getting back those posative reports! Having gone through Chemo myself research has come a long way in making the treatment not so brutal with side effects. Faith hope and prayers empowers medical science.I believe that if one prayer can help, many can help that much more. Thank you for allowing us your ciber friends to share in your journey.
    I continue to hold you and Bobby in my daily prayers. love and light Anna xo
    P.S. I also find when I've been in a dark place it feels so-o-o good to get the camera out and look to Nature for medicine for my soul!

  16. Dear Lynda,

    Oh my this is wonderful news! You and your dear husband have certainly been on my heart and in my prayers. Big hugs to you my friend. The hydrangeas are beautiful, and of course your photos are always simply amazing.




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