14 October 2011

Orange and Gold

We had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend ... three days of record breaking warmth and sunshine!  Perfect for getting out and enjoying a fall fair along with the changing colours ...

  Leaves that have turned to beautiful shades of orange and gold ...

Old trees with a colourful carpet of leaves below ...

Spots of orange tucked in among the green ...

A display of pumpkins at a farm stand ...

Bushel baskets filled with squash, gourds and mini pumpkins ...

Dirt still clinging to just picked pumpkins ...

Perfect Autumn days.


  1. ...and perfect pictures of perfect autumn days. Everything glows!

  2. Ah, you can't fool me with the all the wonderful colors and the blanket of leaves on the ground. Winter is close behind!

  3. The change of seasons has always amazed me. The leaves are beautiful. Lovely way you captured them..

  4. It WAS a glorious Thanksgiving weekend! We were certainly blessed with that. Now we are back to the "usual" of the rain and the cooler weather, but seeing what your eye captured last weekend reminds me of the warmth that was. I love how you capture texture (the old trees, the Church), and know exactly where to pull your focus! Enjoy this weekend Lynda, whatever you are doing!

  5. This is a lovely tribute to the season, Lynda... Loving these gold & russet moments... Happy Days! :o) ((HUGS)) P.S. I'm having a teeny, tiny giveaway, stop by if you can...

  6. i think every season bring such magic in our life Lynda; i mean just look at these photos, surely it’s meant to amaze us?... and winter will do the same to us, and so on... what a beautiful world we live in.
    xo sandra

  7. What a gorgeous collection of photos! I am glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  8. Perfect autumn days indeed. These made me so happy.

    (Zucchini bread is my most favorite bread ever, but I have never made it myself. The idea of shreddding zucchini always stops me. Though now I wonder if my food processor would do that part for me.)

  9. So wonderful! Your photos have just the right touches added to them, Lynda. Perfect textures and I love the bushels of pumpkins!

    I'm glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving. The weather really was splendid.

  10. These are truly magical autumn images Lynda!
    Each is so, beautifully photographed.

  11. I LOVE the first two, Lynda! They have just a hint of melancholy and mystery. And pumpkins are always delightful in every way. :) xxo

  12. Happy wayyyyyy belated Thanksgiving, my friend.
    And Happy Halloween to you as well!

    So funny, this huge country we live in, being on opposite sides of it, we had the same kind of unusually warm weather that weekend. :)

  13. Lovely...
    Best regards from France,



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