17 May 2011

Rainy days

Have you ever seen so much rain?? I could count on one hand the number of rain free days we've had this spring. The grass is so long but never dries out long enough to cut it and I think the weeds have completely taken over my garden.

My parents are almost fully recovered from their bouts of pneumonia. It was a crazy few weeks with both of them sick at the same time but we're all slowly getting back to normal routines.

I haven't had my camera out much and was a little frustrated that it was raining, yet again, last weekend. So I set my tripod on the porch and took a few photos in the rain.  My favourite is of the rain splashing in the bird bath.  While it was kind of fun capturing rain drops, I would really like to see the sun so I can get out into my garden this weekend.  *crossing my fingers*

I'll catch up with you soon!  xo


  1. UGH! I am SO sick of this rain....it's depressing!! But I do love your photographs and I'm glad you put the tripod up to capture these one..the raindrops in the birdbath speak to exactly how things have been in these parts lately.

    I'm so pleased to hear that your parents are recovering. Pneumonia is a scary thing and to have both parents under this at the same time? You must be exhausted!! xo

  2. Hi Lynda !!
    lovely. the rainy days can be nice too:)


  3. Isn't it awful? The rain just doesn't end. How the trees will ever be pollinated who knows. They say this week-end will be better. Lets hope so!!!

    I'm sorry your parents were so sick. I'm sure it was very emotionally consuming for you. At least they have a loving, devoted daughter : )

  4. So glad that your parents are doing much better. What a challenging thing for them to both be ill at the same time with the same thing. You must've been busy!

    Oh this rain is just nasty and cold and so unlike May. The only thing I can say positive is that my house isn't under water. That's a blessing. The cold and rain make one feel a bit under water, though.

    Here's to brighter, warmer days ahead. Your photos make rainy days look delightful!

  5. WOW...these are just gorgeous!

  6. These are beautiful shots. I'm sorry to hear about too much rain, but we never get enough here.

  7. I'm so tired of the rain, too, but your photographs bring out the beauty of such days. It's been a difficult spring! Time for some sunshine!

    So glad to hear your parents are doing better. :)

  8. Dear Lynda,
    Nice to see you back and I'm glad to hear your parents are on the mend. We are in our fourth straight day of rain and I'm sorry to say my beloved flowers are being pelted. More down pours predicted for tonight. I must confess and say that I do love the rain best!
    Your photo's are beautiful...

  9. Lynda, I'm so happy to hear your parents are better. What a relief for all of you.

    I'm sure the rain will end soon. We had much more than normal but now we are finally having sun and everything is blooming.

    Wishing you a beautiful, sunny weekend! xo – g

  10. It's grey and drizzly over here today too. The sun is being very very shy this spring!

    Wishing you and your parents well. xo

  11. It is good to know that your parents are better.
    I enjoyed your beautiful rainy photos!


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