9 March 2011

Dreaming of Spring

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~ Emma Goldman

It's no surprise that I love flowers.  If I could afford them, I'd have fresh flowers in every room of my home all year long.  During the summer, it's easy.  I pick whatever's growing and even if it's just a single rose or a stem of lily of the valley, it has the power to completely transform a room - at least in my eyes.

It's snowing once again as I'm writing this but looking at my tulips, I can imagine that spring is just around the corner, patiently waiting to make her arrival.

I still prefer simple compositions of flowers.  I like photographing them in vintage pitchers and mason jars, or paired with vintage books and tea cups.

Maybe it's the contrast of old and timeworn with fresh and new that I like.  These are two of my favourite vintage books.  I adore their blue cloth covers and they're worn just enough to make them interesting but are still in very usable condition.

Who doesn't love blue Mason jars?  They're so versatile and I love the combination of the soft pink tulips against the aqua blue glass.

A little bit of spring from me to you.


  1. Beautiful :) I`m willing Spring to arrive, these help!

  2. Bless you. Believe me, it's needed. Tulips are so graceful...their stems arch and bend so prettily.

  3. so magical and ethereal, I love these pictures!

  4. Oh Lynda...these images are absolutely beautiful!
    I wish I could afford to have fresh flowers in my home at all times too. Right now, I have some baby's breath in a green pitcher on my windowsill. SImple, but so lovely.

  5. the weather today doesn't know what it wants to be...but looking at these gorgeous photographs I know that I await spring's arrival even more than I did yesterday!!

  6. Such a delightful post, lovely words and gorgeous photographs.
    Your blog is a treat for the senses!

    Wish you a wonderful spring day already,

    warm greetings,
    xxx Sas

  7. Oh Lynda, these are so very beautiful!!! Tulips, tea cups and old books -- perfect together! Oh, and I lover blur mason jars, too. :)

  8. I love tulips and I love every single one of these photos!!

  9. Oh how I agree (I seem to do that a lot here) ;-)
    I just posted about spring here today too....I am really anxious for it to arrive!
    Beautiful, Gorgeous images.

  10. Quite simply - beautiful! thank you for sharing.

  11. Spring is starting to show itself in bit's. I don't like March, it a big tease. Let's us feel the excitment and then it whallops us with one more nasty blizzard. Lot's of rain the rest of the week so I hope the temps stay put so it doesnt change over to that S word! I cant wait to see my lovely Parrot Tulips pop out of the ground..hurry spring, hurry!
    Love your Tulips..

  12. Yes, perfect pairing of Mason jars and pink tulips, Lynda. I love your simple compositions that are perfect and don't need anything additional. Refreshing and serene. ;)

    It feels like spring is so close!! Miserably rainy here tonight. xo – g

  13. Gorgeous images! I love tulips and they look so wonderful with the blue mason jar!

  14. Thank you, Lynda! Pink tulips are my faves... :o) I love these magical, almost enchanting views of them. It's been snowing here again too... *sigh*... Com' on spring! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  15. Lynda, you blew me away with these gorgeous images. I am in awe. How I wish I could make my photos look this beautiful!

    I need some colorful mason jars.



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