3 December 2010


I went to the garden centre this morning to buy a poinsettia and was glad I'd brought my camera along ... so many beautiful poinsettias!  I ended up buying a white one again this year.

This weekend I'll be doing some baking and hopefully finish decorating. I enjoyed reading about what you love (or don't love!) about winter earlier this week. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with the spirit of Christmas!


  1. Simply lovely! What a great way to start the day! Love the white too as it goes with anything.

    I bought a poinsettia this year that is red and white speckled. I really should post some Christmas decor pictures to show it off.

  2. Oh so pretty...I've never had a white one before. I think I'd take to it as nicely as I've taken to the lumina pumpkin. I noticed when watching Home Alone last night that the house was decorated with white poinsettias in the final scenes.

  3. The poinsettias are lovely dear Lynda! My dear Mother adored the poinsettia and filled her home with them each Christmas season. I have three very pretty ones this year myself.:o)

    Happy weekend to you!



  4. Hi, Lynda! GORGEOUS display of poinsettias! I like the white/cream ones especially. We're back from our Thanksgiving/USA trip--had wonderful time! I'm slowing getting to visiting and such though, as I've not been feeling too well in recent days--but getting there. Great to be catching up with you and back in blogland. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  5. superb post Lynda!!! Wow,wow and wow to so much beauty!

  6. I love poinsettias...they remind me of my mom and Christmas! I haven't done any decorating this year. We have our tree up and that's it. The kids are so active and want to touch the tree at all times. It's really not worth the battle to try and stop them. :) Have a beautiful weekend Lynda!

  7. Hi Linda, such festive photos! I was amazed to see a variety of colors of poinsettia last year, pinks and variegated among them. But I do think the white is very classic looking. Wishing you a happy weekend, too! xo – g

  8. You know what? I have never bought a pointsettia. I've never had one in my home! I think that needs to change at some point...and the white ones are so lovely.


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