29 December 2010

Christmas at home

As promised, here are some photos of my Christmas decor.  This year I decorated in silver and white with hints of gold and red.

I'm never sure where to put our village so it changes from year to year.  This year I chose to put it under the tree ~ my favourite spot so far.

This is my living/dining room.  I saw a wreath hanging from a mirror on the Pottery Barn website and decided to try it on our antique mantle.  It's hanging by a suction cup and actually fell down today for the first time in a month {it's back up for a few more days}.  I lit the candles on the mantle just after I'd hung the wreath to see what the whole effect would look like.  I smelled something like burned plastic and noticed that I'd scorched my wreath!  A few quick fixes made everything right again but I didn't light the candles a second time.  :)

A few details ... vintage postcards, bottle brush trees {bought on Etsy} and a vintage bottle brush wreath.

I hope you've enjoyed a peek into my home this Christmas!  This week I've been taking a bit of a break, relaxing and catching up on reading and watching dvd's.  I can hardly believe that 2010 will be over in just a few more days.  Thanks for being with me through 2010 ... I've made many new friends this year and I'm grateful for both old and new.

Happy New Year to you and your families ... best wishes for 2011! xo


  1. Your home looks absolutely beautiful, Lynda! I love the silver and white especially.

    I must admit to loving the lighted villages, too. We don't have one but others in my family do and they are so charming.

    I also hung a wreath on a mirror but I wrapped the loop of ribbon under the nail in the wall and then rehung the mirror on the nail. So far, so good!

    Thank you very much for sharing all the details that make your home so festive and welcoming.

    Very Happy New Year!!!

    xo – g

  2. you house is sooooo beautiful, you must be a proud home owner.

    very veyr beautiful

  3. Wow, so beautiful. And I just love the Christmas village!

  4. What a perfect place to show your Christmas Village. I will have to let a friend know this as she always frets where to put hers.
    I love the mantel and the wreath too. Very happy to hear that you did not relite the candles..
    Happy New Year to you my good (long time) friend..

  5. It's all so beautiful Lynda and the crispness of your images is fabulous.
    Enjoyed reading your feature about your corner of the world over at the Muses. Happy New Year! ~ Rebecca

  6. Your house is beautiful. Transmits peace and warmth.

  7. SUBLIME SUBLIMISSIMO, Lynda...I adore these fabulous christmas-home-decorations-photos....oh, my absolute superfavourite is your magnificient little happy village....most charming!!!!!

    Have a very, very happy new year, Lynda!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  8. Lovely blog! Your pictures are so beautiful full of details! Have a wonderful 2011! My best wishes for you.

  9. Oh Lynda, you have such a beautiful home! I am so drawn to these softer tones. That little white bird....I have the exact same bird in soft green sitting on my windowsill. I just adore him. :)


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