21 December 2009

peppermint twist

 Are you ready for Christmas?  Thankfully I managed to get a lot done this weekend.  Just a little more baking to do and a few gifts to finish wrapping and that's it!  The last of my Christmas cards were mailed Saturday ... a little late but at least I mailed them before Christmas!

I haven't uploaded any holiday photos yet but I did manage to capture these candy canes just before they got smashed into peppermint bark.


  1. How charming, Lynda! I'm glad you're almost ready! I pretty much am, we brought a lot of gifts from Peru so that part was easy. Haven't started baking yet but hope to today. But hubby's decided we need more outdoor lights on the house so here we go... Have a lovely week of preparations! – g ♥

  2. Hello Dear Lynda,

    The photo is just beautiful. I love peppermint, especially at Christmas.:o) It has been a busy time, but I think I did pretty good this year.:o) Like you, I still have gifts to wrap and some baking to do. Christmas dinner at our house is always smaller than our Thanksgiving. I wanted ham but decided on turkey once again.:o) Wishing you and your family the most beautiful Christmas



  3. Mmmm, I can almost smell the peppermint! Everything is pretty much under control here, except for some last minute wrapping. Making meatballs and baked ziti for Christmas eve, and roast beef for Christmas day.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Lynda, and many blessings in the new year!


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