7 October 2009

summer lives on

One of the nicest things about photographs is that the memories they capture last forever.  In the middle of winter, I can drift through the photos I took of my garden and relive the procession of flowers.  Today is cold and blustery … the only word that adequately describes the strong wind that is stripping the trees of their leaves before they have a chance to change colour.

It’s been rather dreary over the past week or two which has made taking photos rather difficult.  The little bit of sun that’s peeked out always seems to come while I’m at the grocery store or in the middle of something else.  By the time I drop everything to grab my camera, it’s gone back in.  I’m tiring of this little game of hide and seek … just give me a sunny afternoon.  Please! In the meantime, I’m continuing to edit some photos that I took over the summer months.

This purple coneflower was the only one in a sea of black-eyed susans but there it stood proudly.  I’ll go back next year to see if it scattered any seeds.

I’m in the middle of preparing for our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and wondering how in the world it can be time for Thanksgiving already.  We’ll have our dinner on Sunday and enjoy the leftovers on Thanksgiving Monday.  The turkey has been ordered, vegetables bought and table arrangement more or less decided upon.  I’ll be using my new to me Cornflower juice glasses that I found at the antique market last weekend to serve tomato juice.

Hope your weekend is wonderful, whatever you do.  ♥

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